Mixpak FM
Mixpak is a Brooklyn based record label founded by Dre Skull. Mixpak FM delivers forward thinking mixes from DJs around the world. Catch the vibe.

Mixpak FM 51 comes from Danish producer and DJ, Why Be. He joins the likes of Total Freedom, Kingdom and Lil Internet with one of the most un-googleable names ever, alongside his productions and remixes that toy with the outer edges of underground music.

His Mixpak FM brings together UK vibes, from Ruff Sqwad to Pulse X, through commercial US music thrown off key, and his own edits. Soundtrack to your Second Life rave.

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Mixpak FM is 50! For this special podcast we bring you Baltimore club don, DJ Technics! Technics has been in the game for over 20 years, starting out in the B-more scene working at a record store with Scottie B. After putting out the classic 'Dickontrol', a number of releases on Unruly Records and collaborating with KW Griff and Rod Lee among others, he founded Knucklehead Records and continued to release party pumping tracks. A pioneer of the Baltimore breakbeat sound and a veteran in the game, Technics is still promoting the genre hard via his website and a continuous stream of party remixes.

His Mixpak FM is a high energy trip through today's b-more sound - featuring remixes of Trinidad Jame$, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Juicy J.

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