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Mixpak is a Brooklyn based record label founded by Dre Skull. Mixpak FM delivers forward thinking mixes from DJs around the world. Catch the vibe.

mixpak fm - riobamba

Mixpak FM 093 is brought to you by Brooklyn-based DJ & producer, Riobamba. Inspired by her Ecuadorian-Lithuanian heritage, her sets and productions draw from a hybridized global sound, with a strong Latin leaning. As promoter of one of Boston's leading underground parties, Pico Picante, resident at Remezcla's NY party Perreo, and an affiliate of Dutty Artz, she is a strong representative for transnational bass on the East Coast.

Her Mixpak FM is a showcase of the global underground, featuring many kindred club spirits operating in the same zone: False Witness, Santa Muerte and Kala as well as offerings from NON, Baltimore artist Abdu Ali, and Chile's Tomas Urquieta.

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mixpak fm - color plus Mixpak FM 092 is brought to you by NY producer & DJ, Color Plus. His experimental club tracks have seen releases on his home label, Swim Team, as well as Plastician's Terrorhythm label and a full length project on cassette only via Bootleg Tapes.

His Mixpak FM is a heavily danceable journey through many exclusives from himself and his peers - at times dark, at times euphoric.

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Lil Jabba

Mixpak FM 088 comes from NY-based producer, DJ and painter, Lil Jabba. Though known predominantly for his affiliation with Teklife and his explorations in footwork, Jabba is a versatile producer with an impressive back catalogue, including a full length album on Local Action, and a second now in sight.

His Mixpak FM brings forth the sounds and influences from his latest EP, Keep, that broadly takes its cues from rap, grime and jungle. A near cinematic experience - in places beatless, in places frenetic - it melds his own material with tarraxo, grime, Young Thug and Aphex Twin.

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mixpak fm - photo romance

Mixpak FM 087 comes from French-Senegalese producer & DJ, Photo Romance. Heavily inspired by the sounds of Angola and their influence in Europe, his music floats around the palettes of kuduro, kizomba, tarraxo and zouk. His latest EP, Lagoa Roxa, released on his own La Brousse record label, is a sensual, instrumental exploration of the 90bpm tarraxo genre.

His Mixpak FM is a crazy 90 minutes long and bounces through dancehall, dembow, kuduro, tarraxo and features some exclusive forthcoming La Brousse material.

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Mixpak fm 78-hann Mixpak FM 078 is a special episode from Hann, a Long Island / Bronx duo made up of 18-year-old Lite feet producers Chris Designs & Lil Live. Lite Feet, as its name might suggest, is both a genre and a style of dance with a strong foothold in New York City culture. Now ubiquitous on the subway, Litefeet dancers have been around since the mid 00s, mostly hailing from Harlem or The Bronx, with the dance bearing some kind of familial resemblance to B-Boying or Popping.

In the past year, the NYPD have cracked down on the dance on the subway, which has also had various film pieces & articles on it if you want to experience the look & feel of the dance from afar. Though the music is integral to the dance, there has been little emphasis on the producers behind the energetic 100 BPM tracks, that often use heavy samples and switch up every 8 bars for the dancers to show off their acrobatics in battle. It looks like this is set to change; Hann have a Fact Mag documentary, collaborations with Zora Jones and Cabo Blanco, and a solo EP in the works for 2015.

Their Mixpak FM is exclusively tracks produced or remixed by the duo, a 45-minute 35 track look into the sound - combining Lite Feet with NY party staples, from dancehall to rap to RnB.

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Mixpak fm - shriekin

Mixpak FM 075 comes from Irish producer & DJ, Shriekin'. A familiar name to fans of instrumental grime mainstays Boxed, Dusk & Blackdown or Slackk, Shriekin' has few official releases but a constant stream of impressive VIPs. His debut EP, Gold & Featherwork, dropped just last week, fittingly joining the likes of Finn, Slackk and Inkke on the Local Action roster. Playing with the motifs of sino-grime and intricate melodies, Gold & Featherwork is a record that is, like much of his music, mature and considered; often cinematic and always atmospheric.

His Mixpak FM is packed full of dubs from like-minded UK producers, moving through grime, bassline, percussive club tracks and of course some of his own exclusives.

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mixpak fm air max 97


Mixpak FM 074 comes from the Netherlands born, New Zealand raised, and Melbourne resident Air Max '97, whose debut EP Progress & Memory came out on Liminal Sounds earlier this year. His EP title certainly rings true in his sound - self-describing his music as "oblique club trax", Air Max '97 joins an impressive group of young, boundary-pushing producers who were reared on and inspired by post-09 London sounds & visuals. With his recent work including a remix of Kuduro producer Nidia Minaj's 'Tarraxo LHE Da', he has follow-up EPs in the works for both Liminal Sounds and London's Trax Couture as well as his bi-monthly Melbourne club night, Club Esc.

His Mixpak FM takes us on a percussive and often dark ride through Chicago drill, Ballroom, Techno, and of course his own productions.

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Mixpak FM - Paul Marmota Mixpak FM 071 comes from Chilean producer and DJ, Paul Marmota. Associated with the Mexican label and clubnight, NAAFI, who are responsible for bringing US club acts like Nguzunguzu and Total Freedom south of the border, Paul Marmota's sound keeps its Latin roots firm while drawing influence from global club music. As well as doing production for Chilean rap group Zonora Point, his 'Nueva' EP struck a resonance for Mixpak, bringing in tinges of dembow, dancehall, grime, rap and not to mention that US underground vibe.

His Mixpak FM is a ride through sounds from Mexico to London, flying through new instrumental grime producers from the UK (and previous Mixpak FM-ers), as well as US underground artists Massacooramaan and Ynfynt Scroll and of course his Central / South American contemporaries.

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Mixpak FM: Mr. Mitch

Mixpak FM 066 is brought to you by London producer & DJ, Mr. Mitch. Despite having produced tracks for the likes of Skepta, Trim and Riko Dan, it's the instrumental in-and-of-itself where Mr. Mitch finds his true home, as we saw on his offering for the first Mixpak Pressure compilation. Known for tracks that reach to the outer limits of grime experimentation and weirdness, Mr. Mitch's output ranges from the playful Peace edits of The Beach Boys or Pharrell (while everyone else was bringing the war dubs), to the more ambient sounds, like 'The Man Waits'. As well as being a resident at the ever-growing instrumental grime night Boxed, Mitch also heads Gobstopper Records, releasing tracks from Strict Face, Bloom and Moony.

His Mixpak FM runs through tracks from young UK producers Inkke, Murlo and JD Reid, as well as revered electronic producers Actress and Clark, not to mention his own edits.

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Mixpak FM Finn


Mixpak FM 065 comes from UK producer, Finn. Emerging only a few months ago and making his way on to our radar via Slackk's mixes, Finn's sound comes in the great tradition and renewed vibrance of grime-meets-RnB-samples (see Spooky, Inkke, Milktray for more). With skipping rhythms that play with space & movement, Finn's cut-up beats look to 90s icons like Ginuwine & Missy to complete that head-turning UK sound. With a contribution to the first Boxed compilation out and a forthcoming 12" on Local Action, it's already a certified formula.

His Mixpak FM is a journey through some of the most exciting sounds of this corner of the underground. Never afraid to dip into pop reworks as easily as the obscurer sounds of London, Finn puts his own work next to Mixpak favorites Murlo, Kingdom and DJ Q.

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Mixpak FM - HDD Mixpak FM 064 is brought to you by London DJs and promoters, Hipsters Don't Dance. Made up of Hootie Who & Kazabon, the duo have been pushing the dancehall-soca-rap-afrobeats sound for years, with their longstanding clubnight and mixes. They were also responsible for these edits of our Douster release last year. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the aforementioned genres, it felt right to ask them to dig in deep to one of the most exciting sounds to blow up in London lately: Afrobeats.

Hootie Who describes how they were inspired for their Mixpak FM mix:

"Ever since Kazabon and I started the HDD club night we wanted to explore our respective heritages and its musical output. Kazabon's heritage is Ireland by way of Trinidad which helps explain her voracious appetite for Soca. I am from Nigeria but born and raised in the west. It's funny because until recently Naija music reflected Trinidad's Soca season in the sense that artists tried to release music around a specific time of year (Christmas). The day after Christmas is Calabar Carnival, the carnival is still in its infancy but it's already Africa's largest street party. That carnival experience heavily influenced this mix. From the floats pumping out the biggest Afropop songs of the moment, to the Channel O/ MTV Africa after parties where South African house reigns supreme to the packed clubs where people try out the latest dance craze. It's all here in this mix that captures the sound of the past few years. This mix can't do that experience the justice it deserves especially the feeling of connecting with your homeland but we did our best. Trust me you haven't lived until you have seen someone on roller skates azonto in the middle of the blazing hot summer."

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Mixpak FM - Strict Face

Mixpak FM 063 is brought to you by none other then Australian producer, Strict Face. Strict Face isn't the only the new face in the bustling instrumental grime scene but he is making a name for himself with tracks winding up on Slackk mixes, Rinse and several other shows.  Whether the young producer is uploading songs nonchalantly to his Youtube channel or creating his acclaimed Birthday Riddims), he never stops making hits pushing boundaries of club and grime. Strict Face already has  big things in store for 2014, with two EPs slated for release on Tuff Wax and Gobstopper.

Strict Face's Mixpak FM offering comes correct, with some incredible tracks spanning several different styles of grime and futuristic club music. It features new cuts from himself as well as exclusive tracks from young and upcoming producers like Inkke, Jawside and Neana.

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Mixpak FM - Mike G Mixpak FM 062 is brought to you by Californian DJ & Producer, Mike G. A prolific producer, mixtape maker & remixer, his tracks take influence from the spectrum of US club music, from Footwork to Jersey Club and Hip Hop, always with a strong leaning for bass. The RWD FM radio host has collab-ed with Rashad, Falcons and Mak & Pasteman, releasing tracks on B.YRSELF Division, Paradisiaca and his latest - Club Watch EP on Soukouch Ethnik.

His Mixpak FM is a party ride through some of our favourite producers - from Murlo to Massacooramaan & MikeQ, a ton of Mike G edits and VIPs, and a healthy handful of bed squeak.

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Mixpak FM 061 is brought to you by Glasgow producer, Inkke. With only one official release under his belt - 'L.O.K' for Ninja Tune's Grime 2.0 compilation - Inkke has already made a name for himself as part of the current instrumental grime 'renaissance' in the UK. Whether he's channeling the ghost of Eski, creating a head-turning war dub, or refixing Nelly, Inkke is constantly pushing the genre's hyperactive syncopation to new and experimental places. With both an EP for Local Action and a beat tape (as in cassette) for Astral Black due early next year, he'll be a grime producer to watch for in 2014.

His Mixpak FM is an interesting ride through what seems to be influences from the UK and international underground - from archive Roll Deep to new grime contemporaries Logos and Strict Face, afrobeats to RnB refixes, and of course many of his own unreleased productions.

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Mixpak FM 060 comes from UK producer Lenkemz. His sound is unadulterated club music that has made its way onto Slit Jockey, Senseless, Jeffree's and Fool's Gold. His inspirations seem to run as deep as clubbed-out soca, bassline, reggaeton, dark electronica and straight up dance music.

His Mixpak FM runs through heaters from UK to USA - Baltimore club to grime, Diplo to Dubbel Dutch, and his own productions thrown in.

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Mixpak FM 059 comes from Glasgow-via-Slovenia DJ & producer, Nightwave. An RBMA graduate, Judo champion and now label head for her newly-launched imprint Heka Trax, Nightwave is not a girl to be messed with. Drawing from classic Chicago house, techno, juke, rap and strains of the UK bass spectrum, she's landed releases on Unknown to the Unknown, Local Action and a collab with Rustie for Warp. We know we can vibe with anyone who makes crazy Trina edits and has 808 in their soundcloud handle.

Her Mixpak FM comes with a strong dose of RnB, Hip Hop, Juke and, of course, some of her own (and new) productions.

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Mixpak FM 058 comes from Portland based producer, EL CUCU¥. Last year he impressed us deeply with his trunk-rattling submission for the first Mixpak Pressure compilation - 'Thug Theogony'. He's as mysterious as his boogieman name suggests, but his eyes (and ears) are firmly on the club - with tracks spanning from hyperactive juke to blissed out 112bpm and dark trap.

His Mixpak FM passes through some dreamlike dancehall, latin club, his own remixes & edits as well as some Mixpak family faves.

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Mixpak FM 057 comes from False Witness . Part of the #KUNQ movement alongside folks like Mixpak family Rizzla & Blk.Adonis, False Witness' productions and mixes draw inspiration and influence from Latin America, the Caribbean and around the world, 'with an aggressive queer twist'. Impressed by his concept mixtape for Dis Magazine, and his collab EP Isla Toxico, we knew he'd deliver a hot Mixpak FM. A high energy mix of rave sounds and ha's, his own bootlegs and some wild remixes - this one goes hard.

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Mixpak FM 056 is brought to you by versatile London producer, Cadenza. While he often sits in the UK tradition of creating club music with a strong Jamaican influence, he's also known for his hip hop beats, straight-up electronic instrumentals and even the occasional bassline track. In the last year alone his tracks have landed on US labels Mad Decent, Fool's Gold, and on our second Mixpak Pressure compilation released earlier this year, as well as the UK's Dummy imprint. Alongside his underground releases, he has also produced two cuts on Ryan Leslie's upcoming album, Black Mozart.

His Mixpak FM is a dark ride through some of his own exclusive & unreleased material, Kanye & Jay Z collaborators Wondagurl & Evian Christ, as well as tracks from Mixpak family Melé, Popcaan & Ward 21.

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Mixpak FM 055 comes from Australian producer, Lucid. If you were tuned in to our first Mixpak Pressure compilation, then you'll have heard his trancey, dark production on 'Transet' and the crazy video that went with it:


Or perhaps you've heard his releases for Pelican Fly or Nightshifters, or his mad remix of Ying Yang Twins. Contrary to what his moniker would have you believe, his productions are hard to pin down to just one style, flipping between the influences of house, grime and hip hop, but always with that club leaning, whether dark or playful.

His Mixpak FM rolls through his own edits & originals, jersey club, hip hop & RnB tinges.

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Mixpak FM 054 comes from ballroom legend, Vjuan Allure (pronounced like Vaughn). Vjuan has as much energy for production as his dancers do on the runway, having created an alarming 350+ Ha's since he first remixed 'The Ha Dance' for the ballroom scene. No stone is left unturned - his remixes reach for chart-topping RnB artists, to cartoon characters and even YouTube memes.

With his name firmly at the helm of the new ballroom phenomenon (with the likes of Mike Q, Divoli S'vere, Kevin JZ Prodigy and more), he now upkeeps eight club residencies and as ballroom spreads from its NY origins across the world, his releases have made it onto labels like Night Slugs, Jeffree's and Ultra Nate's 410 Paradox. He's still keeping it real though - check out his website to buy an original production for just 45$ or buy a CD.

His Mixpak FM features exclusively his own material and, though it only clocks in at 12 tracks long, is packed full of energy and crazy samples. Storm the runway.

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Mixpak FM 053 comes from Boston/NY's Doctor Jeep! He's been on the grind for a couple of years, making tracks that range from 2-step to 4x4 and wavy dancefloor tracks. Aside from pushing out tracks on Trouble & Bass, Freshmore & Youngunz, he even has an alias - DJ Bark Lee - for his big Baltimore & Jersey club sounds.

His Mixpak FM gives you a taste of his wide-ranging sounds & influences, passing through big house tracks, UK Funky, Jersey club, and flecks of RnB and hip hop.

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Mixpak FM 052 comes from East London grime producer, Faze Miyake. Though he only really burst onto the scene in 2011 with the huge 'Take Off', he's since been a leading figure in the current wave of instrumental grime. Walking the 140bpm line, his productions marry that Bow bassline with deep south drum patterns, propping up some of the genre's best: from Boy Better Know to Kozzie. Alongside being a Family Tree member and running his own label, Woofer Music, he's just joined the Rinse FM roster and is expected to release an album this summer.

His Mixpak FM is a dark offering that steams its way through his own unreleased tracks, huge grime instrumentals and rap and trap influences.

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Mixpak FM 51 comes from Danish producer and DJ, Why Be. He joins the likes of Total Freedom, Kingdom and Lil Internet with one of the most un-googleable names ever, alongside his productions and remixes that toy with the outer edges of underground music.

His Mixpak FM brings together UK vibes, from Ruff Sqwad to Pulse X, through commercial US music thrown off key, and his own edits. Soundtrack to your Second Life rave.

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Mixpak FM is 50! For this special podcast we bring you Baltimore club don, DJ Technics! Technics has been in the game for over 20 years, starting out in the B-more scene working at a record store with Scottie B. After putting out the classic 'Dickontrol', a number of releases on Unruly Records and collaborating with KW Griff and Rod Lee among others, he founded Knucklehead Records and continued to release party pumping tracks. A pioneer of the Baltimore breakbeat sound and a veteran in the game, Technics is still promoting the genre hard via his website and a continuous stream of party remixes.

His Mixpak FM is a high energy trip through today's b-more sound - featuring remixes of Trinidad Jame$, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Juicy J.

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Mixpak FM 049 comes from young Australian producer, Bosstone. His productions, which have seen releases on Sounds of Sumo, Scattermusic & Freshmore, take in sounds from corners of the US music landscape, from Jersey to Chicago and not forgetting that big 808 sound. His Frank Ocean and Amerie remixes certainly had us trippin', and his latest instrumental offering, 'Static', has just dropped on Soulection.

Just like his influences, his Mixpak FM runs through some dark rap and big club sounds from the dirty south to Glasgow. He's on tour in the USA throughout June, watch for his dates over at his Facebook page.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

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Mixpak FM 048 comes from London grime producer, Slew Dem Crew member and boss of Ghost House Records, Spooky. Around since the dawn of grime, he's been holding down pirate radio shows for over a decade now and producing some super heavy, innovative and often playful tracks for labels like No Hats No Hoods and Oil Gang. You can still catch him doing his radio show on Deja Vu FM which, if you're lucky and he's covering for someone, can run for 6 hours.

Though the conversation about the influences and cross-sections of dancehall & grime is not new - see the still excellent Grime in the Dancehall podcast for a thorough run-down and discussion - Spooky is certainly keeping the link alive, well and deep, giving us a constant reminder of UK soundsystem lineage. In amongst his many releases and remixes, you'll find samples and hat-tips that run from Bob Marley and Barrington Levy right through to 90s classics and contemporary dancehall.

So for his Mixpak FM, we asked him to pull from his collection of reggae and dancehall-inspired grime and his (live) mix is something quite special - from his own productions to P Jam's take on Eek A Mouse, Chimpo's grime version of Sleng Teng and even some Luciano thrown in. Read our Q&A with Spooky below to find out how the dancehall sound got into his productions, his most memorable Slew Dem sets and his favourite reggae records.

Spooky Q&A

Where are you right now? In a East London hell hole.

How & where did you record this mix? Recorded the mix at a mate's studio called Real Vibes based up in Tottenham.

How long have you been doing the grime thing? What pushed you into it? Been doing grime before it was even called grime. Plus grime was more or less the music everyone was into at the time and the music was (and still is) exciting.

How did the Slew Dem Crew come about - how did you all meet? Slew Dem have been about since the very late 90s.. I only came into it around 2005/06.

What's your most memorable Slew Dem set/performance? Performance-wise: me, Chronik, G Man, Merky Ace (Family Tree) and DJ Magic in Prague last year (2012). Radio-wise: me, Esco, Chronik, G Man, Rage & Tempa T on Rinse FM in 2006.

So many of your tracks take from reggae/dancehall - what's your relationship with the Jamaican sound? Blame my folks. They're from JA and they were down for playing old time reggae, ska, rocksteady or lovers rock.

What influence has dancehall had on you, as a producer or as an individual? I like to revive an old dancehall or reggae track every now and then.... give them a update but not take too much away from the original. And I know everyone can relate to a few of 'em even now!

What links do you think there are between grime & dancehall? Probably down to the bass-heavy vibrations. Plus you got the likes of Riko Dan, Killa P, Jamakabi, Badness etc who bring that dancehall element into grime as well.

You've been playing some of reggae stuff in your Deja sets recently - what are your favourite reggae/ dancehall records? Not too much though!! Favourites would have to be Elizabethan Reggae (Boris Gardener). Soul Serenade (Byron Lee), Silly Games (Janet Kay), Wide Awake In A Dream (Barry Biggs) and Stealing Love (Carlene Davis).

What gets the most wheels in a live Spooky set? Probably "Spartan" from what I remember.

What's the best thing about the grime scene now in 2013? There's more professionalism within the scene. Maybe a bit more unity and positivity is needed along with a few more DJs and a few more raves / organizations.

What's the difference between now and when you started out? In my opinion.... there are barely any under 18 raves, no-one's really hungry for radio, most pirate radio stations only following what genre of music is hot, most record shops have closed down and the music now really goes hand in hand with the internet.

What else have you got coming up this year, release-wise? A double A-side 10" vinyl, a single called "Baby" on Unknown To The Unknown Records, a track called "Moonlight" on the Big Dada 'Grime 2.0' compilation out 5th May and a couple remixes as well as knocking out a few releases on my Ghost House label and the occasional free download.

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Mixpak FM 047 comes from the mysterious DJ Hoodcore. We can't really tell you anything about the producer, except for the simple fact that his/her amped up club tracks are fire, and he/she has just produced the impressive 'Float' for NY's Le1f.

Their Mixpak FM runs through a burning selection of east coast tracks, along with Mixpak favourites Rizzla, Dubbel Dutch & Trina, not to mention big club re-edits of Future, Jeremih, Kendrick and Vybz. Get your nails did and get ready to go h.a.m.

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Mixpak FM 046 is a Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2013 special delivered by Hot 97's D-Life. One of New York's top soca selectors, D-Life is a Massive B family member and host on Miami's Mixx96, alongside being Alison Hinds' tour DJ. Safe to say he knows all about fete. Read our Q&A with D-Life below for the full lowdown on his mix that runs through everything he thinks will be tearing down the house of bacchanal at carnival this coming week.

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Mixpak FM 045 is brought to you by Estonian producer, Bert on Beats. Bert has made his way through various monikers and genres - starting out as Estonia's number one hip hop selector, DJ Critikal, and releasing an acclaimed Drum n Bass album before settling on the B.O.B sound & name we know today in 2009. Releasing originals & remixes on Man Recordings, Trouble & Bass and Moveltraxx, his influences bounce from all around the world - from kuduro to dancehall. He joined the Mixpak family for his remix of Vybz Kartel's 'Half on a Baby', and will be featured on Mixpak Pressure Volume 2 next month.

His Mixpak FM runs through new & classic dancehall cuts, garage, african house, champeta, kuduro and baile funk, including some of his own remixes and many a Mixpak favourite.

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Mixpak FM 044 is brought to you by Seattle producer, Astronomar. He landed his first release on Neoteric's "Turned On Vol 2" just last year, and has since released on Jeffree's, Top Billin' and Fool's Gold, not to mention dropping a hot remix of Percolator.

His Mixpak FM runs through some of his own edits and originals, heavy hitting house, plus even some Sun Ra and Katie Got Bandz thrown in. This one's for the floor.

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Mixpak FM 043 is brought to you by 24-year old Philadelphia producer, Krueger. He featured on our very first compilation - Mixpak Pressure Volume One - with his big hitter 'Trunkin', and has also delivered releases for Slit Jockey, Hot Mom USA, Paradisiaca, and remixes for Yumo and Siyoung.

His Mixpak FM features some exclusive unreleased Krueger material alongside Mixpak favourites DJ Funeral and Lucid.

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Mixpak FM 042 is brought to you by Jersey producer K Millz. Musically, you would never guess he was related to Wyclef Jean, Millz' hyped-up Jersey and Trap productions are firmly rooted in US party music, flipping tracks from Waka Flocka to Alex Clare, Ellie Goulding to Sisqo.

His Mixpak FM runs through movers from Dj Sliink, Flosstradamus, Munchi, and dips into Millz' arsenal of remixes and originals, including an exclusive of his newest track 'Ay Bay'. You'll be in the club hollerin'.

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Mixpak FM 041 is brought to you by 19 year old London producer Zulu, who has already racked up releases with Toddla T's Girls Music, Zoo Music and Enchufada. As his name may suggest, Zulu takes influence from sounds from across the world, and his latest release, 'The I.N.C.L.E.H. EP' for Enchufada delights in afro-techno, kuduro and poly-rhythms that unite the sounds of the UK with contemporary African music.

His Mixpak FM takes us through UK funky, afrobeats, kuduro, juke, techno, dancehall remixes and some Wiley & Drake thrown in for party measure.

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Mixpak FM 040 comes from French producer, DJ and Club Cheval team member, Sam Tiba. With releases on Marble, Sound Pellegrino, Top Billin, remixes for Crookers, a collab with Spoek Mathambo, a series of slick Jersey Club mixes, we're proud to have Sam join the Mixpak ranks for his track 'Dem Thirsty' on our Mixpak Pressure compilation that dropped last week.

His Mixpak FM runs through rap, jersey club, tracks from Mixpak family members DJ Sliink & WILDLIFE! and a few exclusives all ready to blow up a dancefloor.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Sam_Tiba.mp3
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Mixpak FM 037 is brought to you by Philadelphia's Dev79. The DJ/producer mixes up genres from everywhere - from grime to footwork, hip hop to garage, having remixed for the likes of Raffertie, Starkey and BD1982 and serving up originals for Made in Glitch and Sub Philo. He also co-runs the Seclusiasis *and* Slit Jockey imprints. His Mixpak FM jumps from the UK's finest underground talents to the USA's biggest - Big Narstie to Rick Ross, 2 Chainz to Trim. 

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Dev79.mp3
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Mixpak FM 035 comes from BD1982, Japan-based producer who co-runs the Diskotopia label and forms part of the Seclusias crew. Having first caught our attention with his 2011 release, 'Shotta Pon Di Corner', he has since been releasing records on Think 2wice, Diskotopia, Silverback Recordings and his latest EP, out today on B.YRSELF division. With influences that run as far and wide as dancehall to italo-horror soundtracks, his sound is constantly moving and changing.

His Mixpak FM features his own productions alongside big UK underground sounds - from Slackk to Samoyed.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_BD1982.mp3
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Mixpak FM 034 comes straight from our own hood, from Brooklyn's XXXChange. After catching people's eyes (or rather, ears) with his production on Spank Rock's debut album, he has since produced and remixed for a heap of huge names, from The Kills to Kool Keith, including this favorite of ours, his dancehall remix of TV On The Radio's 'Will Do'.

Normally taking a backstage role, this year he's finally stepped out with his first solo EP, Bounce, on DJ Ayres' & Tittsworth T&A Records, the description of which could read much like that of his Mixpak FM mix - a large offering of electro and some hot remixes.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_XXXChange.mp3
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Mixpak FM 033 comes from London's Famous Eno. Once part of Warrior One - who released their Lord of Bashy EP on Mixpak in 2010 - he is now going it alone and will be releasing his first solo single, 'All Good FM', with us this summer.

His Mixpak FM embodies both his influences and the concept behind 'All Good FM' - slipping in between new undergound UK sounds, classic ragga, grime, hip hop and soul, surfing genres like a radio dial and intersecting the music with farflung soundbites. The mix explains itself...and watch for the preview of his Mixpak track!

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Famous_Eno.mp3
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Mixpak FM 032 is brought to you by London's Tomb Crew. The trio, made up of Jamie, Nick and their MC, Illaman, have released their bass heavy sounds on Trouble & Bass, T&A, Black Butter and recently on Top Billin. Alongside their own releases, they've also added their distinctive UK sound to remixes for Crookers, Drop The Lime, TEED to name but a few.

Their mix runs through new big bass sounds, from house to UK funky, past jacked-out versions of Bill Biv Devoe and Whitney, with their own refixes thrown in.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Tomb_Crew.mp3
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Mixpak FM 031 is brought to you by Newark's DJ Tim Dolla. As part of the now 10-year-old Brick Bandits crew, a collective spanning from Philly to Chicago, Tim Dolla has been pushing the Jersey club sound hard, transforming already club-ready tracks into dancefloor bombs. His Mixpak FM is a quick-fire run through some of his and DJ Fresh's latest remixes, from 2 Chainz to Watch the Throne and, of course, a Whitney tribute.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_Tim_Dolla.mp3
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Mixpak FM 030 is brought to you by Sweden's Safari Sound, one of Europe's biggest dancehall sounds. Nearly a decade in the game, Shirkhan and Sammy Kcan be found hosting a show on Swedish national radio, DJing at raves from the Middle East to NYC and putting out their famous mixtapes.

Their Mixpak FM is standardly filled with specials, dubs and remixes of some of the freshest the caribbean has to offer, from straight dancehall, past moombahton and into soca. 

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Safari_Sound.mp3
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Mixpak FM 029 is brought to you by Poirier, the latest addition to the Mixpak family. Known for his global collaborations and cross-genre productions, Poirier has dipped into hip hop, dancehall, soca, electro and worked with the likes of Warrior Queen, Face T, MC Zulu, Burro Banton and Crookers. Alongside producing a heap of EPs and remixes for Ninja Tune and beyond, the Montreal producer also runs his own record label, ALSO, supporting vocalists like Boogat and King Abid. His Mixpak FM offering comes just in time for Trinidad carnival, filled with the newest and hypest soca tracks, dubs and remixes, including cuts from his brand new 160bpm EP for Mixpak, Soca Road.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly. 

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Poirier.mp3
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Mixpak 028 comes from the one and only DJ Assault, Detroit dirty rap linchpin and the father of Booty Bass. Most people will be familiar with Assault through his mid-90s booty hit, 'Ass N Titties', pioneering the sound of melding electro beats with raunchy lyrics. His first self-run label, Electrofunk, was so popular that it had to be split into a further two labels, after selling more records than any other techno artist in the motor city at the time. After releasing countless club hits (and performing as his rap alter-ego Craig Diamonds on the side), Assault established his latest label Jefferson Ave.

DJ Assault's Mixpak FM mix is a ride through 28 of his own productions, all mixed together in the token ghettotech fast-paced style. Watch out for his signature out-there sampling, from Rick James to raccoons. This one comes with a parental guidance warning!

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_Assault.mp3
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Mixpak 027 is brought to you by Paul Devro, creative director of Mad Decent and party DJ extraordinaire. Alongside co-curating the brand new Mad Decent imprint, Jeffree's, with Diplo, of late Vancouver's Devro has also been producing new tracks for the upcoming Riff Raff LP,  the 'Through the Wire' moombahton compilation, and has a brand new release coming out on Bersa Discos in the new year.

His Mixpak FM mix is a ride through dancehall, Brazil trapmuzik, ghettotech outkast covers, tracks from Mixpak favourite, Murlo, and a fistful of crazy tracks from around the globe. Mad decent.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Paul_Devro.mp3
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Mixpak 026 is brought to you by NYC's AC Slater, member of the Trouble & Bass crew and head of the Party Like Us label. His first major EP, Jack Got Jacked, released on Palms Out in 2008 dropped with a bang, and he has since been in hot demand for remixes and co-production across the world, delivering for Crookers, Boys Noize and more recently with Big Sean, Bart B More and Drop The Lime. He is as comfortable making dubstep as he is rave-inspired tracks and funky house and probably also holds the title of having the only huge club tune based around a sandwich.

His Mixpak FM offering gives you an idea of his club set: Tomb Crew to Torro Torro, Beyonce to Big K.R.I.T, alongside his own remixes and those from the T&B fam. Big Brooklyn bass.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_AC_Slater.mp3
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Mixpak 025 is brought to you by DJ Ayres, founder of legendary NYC hip-hop party The Rub, that sees its 10th anniversary next year. Alongside his worldwide DJ gigs and presenting a radio show on Brooklyn Radio (and now on Scion A/V too), Ayres is responsible for a heap of official and unoffical party-smashing remixes in a huge range of genres, from Pro Nails to Move on Up to his latest remix of Max Glazer's Flatlands riddim. For Hip Hop heads, The Rub's History of Hip Hop podcasts are unmissable, just as his T&A Breaks LP is for B-More fans.

Alongside Tittsworth, Ayres also heads up T&A Records, the label that counts Dave Nada's 'Moombahton' EP, TNT's 'Hot Gyal' and Munchi's 'Murda Sound' amongst its 28 releases. His versatility as a collector and selector is only further exemplified by his exclusive Mixpak FM mix, which runs seamlessly through Dancehall, Jungle, Moombahton, Funky and even a few Mixpak releases. Ring the alarm.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_025_-_DJ_Ayres.mp3
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Mixpak 024 is brought to you by New Jersey's DJ MikeQ, a pioneer of the new generation of Ballroom DJs that's been steadily bubbling up from the underground NY scene and making waves worldwide. Producing tracks and remixes in the vogue fem style, MikeQ has put his magic looping touch to Chelley, Egyptrixx and Willow Smith to name but a few, and heads up his own production company, Qween Beats. His Mixpak FM offering is 90 minutes of brash, club-driven sounds (mostly his own productions and remixes) that will be sure to get you (trying) to vogue.

[For a more comprehensive look into the Ballroom scene, read the XLR8R feature from earlier this year]

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_MikeQ.mp3
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Mixpak 022 comes from Parisian producer, Bobmo. As half of High Powered Boys (with Surkin), one third of Marble Players (alongside Para One and Surkin), and responsible for a string of his own respected productions in the last few years, Bobmo actually started out as a rapper before being signed to (the sadly now defunct) Institubes label for his beats. Since then, he has released many a quality EP, delving into house, electro and all-round club ready tracks - from Bring It to Let's Go Bobmo, and his latest The Cliff.

His Mixpak FM mix bounces through brand new productions from his fellow Marble Players, classic house from Armando and remixes from Sam Tiba and Kink. Close your eyes and imagine you're in a superclub in Paris. You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly. 

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Bobmo.mp3
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Mixpak 021 is brought to you by Sabo, DJ, producer and head of Sol Selectas records. The now LA-based triple threat is well known for his inspired mix of genres, from Cumbia to Miami Bass but along with Dave Nada, Sabo was one of the pioneering producers behind Moombahton, responsible for the Moombahton Massive parties and the accompanying 4 EPs that helped showcase their creation to the world. He's transformed House of Pain, Benga & Coki and Jamie XX into 108bpm moombahton club hits, created originals that are now genre staples, and his rework of Dennis Ferrer's 'Hey Hey' made it onto Mad Decent's 'Blow Your Head' compilation last year.

His Mixpak FM mix is made up entirely of releases from his respected Moombahton Massive EPs, 55 minutes of originals and remixes which are all available for free download over on his soundcloud.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_Sabo.mp3
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Mixpak 020 is brought to you by Extreme Animals, aka artist Jacob Ciocci of the legendary Paper Rad collective and David Wightman, a lecturer in Pop Music Studies at UCSD and member of bands such as Amplitude, Powdered Wigs and Chariots of Fire. Together, they make some of the strangest, high energy and experimental electronic music and videos around. If you're unfamiliar with their work, here is a glimpse from their bio:

The project began (as early as 2002) as an approach to 90s trance anthems interpreted through the lens of damaged noise music, with David on spastic drums and Jacob on junk electronics and distorted vocals.Their live show and sound has now evolved and consists of elaborate videos, guitar, and incorporates a range of sonic references from baroque music to booty bass to mash-ups and metal guitar shredding, while still maintaining the rawkus emotional immediacy that has been their hallmark for the past 8 years. Their videos (directed by Jacob Ciocci, Paper Rad founding member) have been imitated the world over, combining hyper remixes of popular culture with original animation into a bewildering maelstrom of contemporary American pathos.

Their exclusive Mixpak FM mix is Extreme Animals in a nutshell: exploring the clash of pop culture, from Justin Bieber to Ceephax Acid Crew, adding in humour, parody, reverence and fun (and even some Vengaboys). Make sure you watch out for their interjections during the mix, and stay tuned til the very end for the full effect.

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Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Extreme_Animals.mp3
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Mixpak 019 is brought to you by Venezuelan producer and DJ, Pacheko. First catching our eye last year with his remix of Max Romeo for Senseless Records, Pacheko has been producing a string of bass-heavy records and remixes, from Kuduro to Venezuela's hottest genre: Changa Tuki. He also heads up Abstractorrecords, that houses the likes of Cardopusher, Nehuen, Pocz and more. In Pacheko's own words:

I wanted to do something good for heaphone listening but also to get people moving. It goes from 120bpm to 150 in less than an hour, and features some of the music I am feeling at the moment: Some new House from Omar S & Theo Parrish, some oldschool Acid House (Chilly T), and a lot of music from producers related to the Abstractor (my crew / blog / label) people such as: Nehuen (from Argentina), Cardopusher, Dj Yirvin, MPeach, Pocz (all from Venezuela) and myself. It's an original, new ¨Tropical Bass¨ sound that we are pushing together and I feel its growing and evolving nicely! So I then went the guarachero way for a good part of the mix, but only with tracks that I really really like such as Bok Bok's ¨Dance Report¨, an L-Vis 1990 remix and some Erick Rincón & Sheeqo Beat tracks. For the final part of the mix I took the Kuduro way and could´ve stayed there longer but the mix has to end at some point right? Anyways its a mix I really enjoyed recording, did it with Serato, 2 Technics 1200 and a mixer, it was lots of fun!. Hope you like it!

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The second installment in our Carnival special for Mixpak FM is brought to you by Walshy Fire of the legendary Black Chiney soundsystem. Straight from Jamaica and now based in Miami, Black Chiney are producers and selectors Supa Dups, Bobby Chin, Willy Chin and Walshy Fire, responsible for mad riddims such as Kopa, Higher Octane and Timeline, serious mixtapes and their infamous show on MIXX 96.1. Needless to say, Walshy and Black Chiney are dons. His Mixpak FM is a run through hype hip-hop, all the dancehall you'll hear at Carnival this year, complete with Black Chiney remixes and a bit of Drake thrown in for good measure.

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Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Walshy_Fire.mp3
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The first in our Carnival special for Mixpak FM, Mixpak 017 is brought to you by San Francisco's DJ Theory. Aside from contributing to NYC's excellent Large Up blog, Theory is also a stellar producer, creating a whole host of originals and remixes, from the Moombahsoul tracks included on David Heartbreak's compilation, to 'Quick Money feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore', that beautifully keeps intact the sentiments of its sample: Amadou & Mariam's 'Sabali'. Of course, Theory is also a banging DJ, and here he dips through dancehall, moombahton, funky, ending up on a high-energy soca tip.

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Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_DJ_Theory.mp3
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Mixpak 016 is brought to you by mixtape maestro, Chrissy Murderbot. The Chicago-based DJ and producer is fresh from releasing his debut album on Planet Mu, Women's Studies, that runs through juke, booty and bashment, and features vocals from some Mixpak favourites, Rubi Dan, MC Zulu and Warrior Queen. Aside from creating 160bpm madness, Murderbot also runs Loose Squares and Sleazetone, and is also possibly the only person in the world with the knowledge, taste and DJ skills to put out a mixtape in a different genre every week for a whole year. His live sets are even more hyperactive than his mixtapes, so he recorded us an exclusive live set at Hump last month. It's packed full of unreleased material and remixes. Get your comfiest shoes on for this one. You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Murderbot.mp3
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Mixpak 015 is brought to you by Jubilee, NYC bass queen who is one half of the Nightshifters label, hosts her own show, Fireworks, on Brooklyn radio, forms part of production duo Bassanovva with Grahmzilla, has collaborated with the likes of Star Eyes and Udachi, and runs parties like Flashing Lights, maybe the first rave to ever have happened in a Chinese restaurant. We asked her to add a Mixpak FM podcast to her incredible list of multi-tasking and she delivered this party mix that bounces from Cooly G to Kelly Rowland. Close your eyes and imagine you're wiling out in a dim sum joint.

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Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Jubilee.mp3
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Mixpak 014 is brought to you by Grahmzilla aka Nautiluss, the Toronto-based producer responsible for founding and producing for Thunderheist, and is now one half of Bassanovva, alongside Jess Jubilee, who released their first record on Sinden's Grizzly label last year. Grahmzilla is also responsible for some big remixes, like his working of Bonjay's 'Gimmee Gimmee' and the bass-heavy remix of the dancehall hit, 'Click Mi Finger'. Safe to say you can tell from his various projects that he has a diverse taste of bass-driven music, and his Mixpak FM podcast gives us a You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly. 

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Grahmzilla.mp3
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Mixpak 013 is brought to you by one of Trini's finest, and member of the Mad Decent camp, Jillionaire. Responsible for smashing down Major Lazer's Notting Hill Carnival Party (talk about stealing the limelight), running Tropical Bass party Chicken N Beer, and more recently putting out tunes with Richie Beretta and Fellow, Jillionaire knows how to keep the vibes pumping. He will also be launching a new label, Feel Up, anytime soon - we expect nothing but big sounds. This exclusive mix steers away from his latest offerings though, taking us back to some dancehall foundations, as Jillionaire said himself, it's made up of 'the guns and girls chunes that defined the late 80s and early 90s'. Bullet bullet!

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Mixpak 012 is brought to you by one of Paris' infamous Booty Call Crew, Kaptain Cadillac (who you might also know as Leatherface). Aside from making a crazy remix of our Lil Scrappy release, KC also runs some of Paris' most jukin' parties, and has some ghetto-house bangers out on the Booty Call record label: 'Show Me Luv''Big Butt', and a ton of poppin' remixes. His mix is some high energy business, bumping through ghetto tech, juke, miami bass and hard house.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Mixpak FM 012: Kaptain Cadillac Tracklist

01 - LIL SCRAPPY - Look at Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) [Mixpak Records]
02 - DJUB - Bounce To Get [Booty Call Records]
03 - DJ KESMO - Shake Parade [Booty Call Records]
04 - LUKE - Bounce To De Beat [Luke Records]
05 - UP1236 - Dubic [Unreleased]
06 - DJ GODFATHER - Drop That Thang [Databass Records]
07 - GANTMAN - Juke Bitch [Unreleased]
08 - BOOBA - 45 Scientific (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Unreleased]
09 - DULCINEA DETWAH - If You Know What's Good [Shabar Music]
10 - DJ GODFATHER - The Alpha [Space Funk Records]
11 - DJ KRONIC & DJ ZYMOTIC ft MISS CLEO - You Better [Spanking Records]
12 - STREETS OF RAGE - Bitch Cruiser [Booty Call Records]
13 - 2 LIVE CREW - Me So Horny (KLOSELINE Edit) [Unreleased]
14 - RAGGO FLAME - I Got Love [Unreleased]
15 - MISTER RIES ft LATOMSKI - Big Dick 2011 [Juke Trax Records]
16 - JOSEPH 9000 - 88° (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [FTW Records]
17 - DJ ASSAULT - Like A Pro [Jefferson Ave]
18 - KAPTAIN CADILLAC - Show Me Luv (DAVE LUXE Remix) [Booty Call Records]
19 - DON RIMINI - Whatever (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Mental Groove]
20 - VEX - Break It [Unreleased]
21 - MARVY DA PIMP - Money Maker [Unreleased]
22 - CANBLASTER - Dawgs In Da House [Sounds Of Sumo]
23 - THUNDERBIRD JUICEBOX - Throw Em Out [Unreleased]
24 - ETCHASKETCH BASSLINE - Super Sharp [Unreleased]
25 - QUAD CITY DJs - Stomp N Grind [Quadrasound]
26 - UMBERTO - Crazy Bob [Unreleased]
27 - URCHINS - And Then (HIS MAJESTY ANDRE Remix) [San City High]
28 - KATERINE - Excuse Moi (RAOUL JUKE Remix) [Unreleased]
29 - KAPTAIN CADILLAC - Clearest Light [Booty Call Records]
30 - MARK WITH A K - Break Yo Back [GS2]
31 - PRINCE - I Would Die For You (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Unreleased]

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Kaptain_Cadillac.mp3
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Mixpak 011 is brought to you by Germany's finest Malente, purveyor of fine electro & breaks. Since '99, the producer-DJ-remixer has released 5 albums and a slew of 12"s, on Southern Fried, Fool's Gold and Dim Mak. Now he even heads his own label, No Brainer, with the likes of Moston and Swick amongst the ranks. Malente is a supremely versatile producer and his collaborations with Moston and Dex: from the balkan-inspired 'Gypsy Kings', to the bashment influenced 'Lions' and the eastern vibes of 'Habibi'. They all have one thing in common, each is an energetic dancefloor buster. This exclusive hour-long mix is a party for your headphones!


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Deep Teknologi are a production duo and label hailing from London, headed by S.E.F and T. Williams, and have been responsible for some blinding house tracks that seem to perfectly blend the new with the old: from the appropriately named 'Anthem' to the soulful 'Heartbeat', with sounds that wind sweetly between house, dubstep and funky. The multi-talented team (aside from the huge task of running a label, they also run clubnights and produce TV shows) made waves in 2010 with their mixes, records and signings and are set for the same this year.

One half of DT, S.E.F, compiled this mix for us to show us exactly how they roll. It's full of new and exclusive tracks, including some big forthcoming records from the label.

You can go subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

Direct download: Mixpak_FM_-_Deep_Teknologi.mp3
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Mixpak FM 009 comes from UK club music pioneer, Seiji. If you're familiar with Bugz in the Attic, Sonar Kollektiv, Roisin Murphy or Reinforced, you've probably had the pleasure of listening to his productions. In fact, even if you're not familiar, this man has done more for the dancefloor in the last 15 years than most producers put together. Now firmly in the realm of solo releases, Seiji has promised to release an EP every 3 months, and so far he's stayed true to his word, the latest being Seiji 3: a bumping double A-side filled with sub-bass and garage grooves. Check his newest tracks in this exclusive mix, nestled alongside a stellar selection from the underground: funky, house & new garage.

You can go subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

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