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Mixpak is a Brooklyn based record label founded by Dre Skull. Mixpak FM delivers forward thinking mixes from DJs around the world. Catch the vibe.

mixpak fm - dj haram

Mixpak FM 095 is brought to you by Philly-based producer & DJ, DJ Haram. Drawing the dots between her Middle Eastern heritage, her New Jersey upbringing and her current home in Philly - where she promotes the party ATM with NON's E_SCRAAATCH - DJ Haram's productions and mixes compound east coast club music with non-western global sounds. Alongside the self-released "Birds of Paradise" and two cuts on a Tobago tracks compilation, she has recently signed to the Discwoman roster.

Her Mixpak FM runs through tracks by kindred spirits from a younger East Coast club scene - Tygapaw, Stud1nt, Kala or DJ Juwan - to icons Rihanna and Cardi B, with plenty of Haram exclusives thrown in.

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mixpak fm dj nj drone Mixpak FM 094 comes from NY based producer and DJ, DJ NJ Drone. Working on the outer edges of club music and experimental electronic music, his productions are often impressively furious and frenzied, playing with the unexpected and the mechanical, much like his name would suggest.

After releases on Bootleg Tapes and Track Meet, his latest record, Syn Stair is a full length LP for Purple Tape Pedigree. A tense and dark record, his sputtering rhythms roam genre-free but often invoke the ghosts of juke and hardcore.

In his words, his Mixpak FM "is a stream through the wild MIND CLUB river with a lot of unreleased hits and some familiar appearances!"

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mixpak fm - lil tantrum

Mixpak FM 091 is brought to you by DJ & producer, Lil Tantrum. Originally from Acapulco, she now lives in Monterrey where she is resident at Club Viral alongside Mixpak FM affiliate Zutzut. Though primarily a DJ, she has released the dembow-inflected 'Picuda' via Stockholm's Staycore, and the sparse rhythmic club track 'Aggressor' on Classical Trax, stay watching for more.

Her Mixpak FM draws for Latin-influenced tracks from around the world - from club offerings by NY producers like Ynfynyt Scroll, False Witness and Riobamba, across to the likes of Murlo and Gundam in the UK, as well as club interpretations of Ciara and Migos.

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mixpak fm - copout

Mixpak FM 090 comes from NY based producer & DJ, Copout. His productions are club weapons, edging between a percussive industrial sound and strong, dark melody. With Bardo, his latest EP for UK label Liminal Sounds, Copout shows off complex 2 minute tracks that would seem as fitting on a 2015 Blade Runner soundtrack as for in the rave.

His Mixpak FM is an almost entirely instrumental journey through a dark dungeon of club music, from his forthcoming track for NY's Escape From Nature label, to tracks from all corners - gqom to grime.

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Mixpak FM 089 comes from Uruguayan producer & DJ, Lechuga Zafiro. His productions and remixes aren't far off from the description provided by one of his tracks, 'tambores mutantes' - industrial and percussive, with a strong ground in latin american sounds. It's no surprise, then, that he's a NAAFI affiliate, with tracks on their Pirata compilation. He's recently launched his own label out of Montevideo, named Salviatek, which seeks to release music that "reminisces candombe drumming while bringing it into a club context".

His Mixpak FM shows the scope of his influence - from afrobeats instrumentals to demos from London producers, baile funk to kuduro.

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mixpak fm - cuyo

Mixpak FM 086 is brought to you by New York based producer and DJ, Cuyo. Formerly known as Poolboy92, he has now reinvented as Cuyo, with forthcoming material on Jeffree's and Track Meet this summer. His tracks and sets draw heavily from South American and rave influences, while his "bio " hits straight from Buckminster Fuller's manifesto:

"Cuyo" translates to "light" in Taíno - the enlightened, indigenous people of the Caribbean and also a very special part of my family lineage. Ultimately, I have fallen in love with my connection to the Unum (the multi-verse) through my human experience as light manifested on Spaceship Earth. I have fallen in love with the potential of humanity and a conscious, peaceful coexistence within the galactic civilization. Despite the artificial boundaries that separate us - race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc. - we are all light/energy embodied and destined to express our unity lovingly through individuality and all of the beautiful frequencies (and contortions of) that go along with all forms of outward, non-violent expression.
This mix for you is the absolute 1st publication as Cuyo and is meant to serve as a mind guide/love song through/about our transition into the New Earthian systems of energy, education and livingry. We live on an isolated island in the middle of space and we've finally figured out how to provide the basic necessities for everyone on the planet and beyond so BAILMOS A LUZ DE LA LUNA YA hehe

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mixpak fm - santa muerte

Mixpak FM 085 is brought to you by Texas-based duo Santa Muerte. Sharing a common musical leaning and a Mexican heritage, the pair - who also operate individually as Sines & Panchitron - represent a unification of many exciting elements. Named after a controversial Mexican sub-culture that reveres death, Santa Muerte often draw from traditional & contemporary Mexican themes, and thrust them into contemporary club culture. Their bootlegs and edits push Teeflii to dembow, Tinashe to experimental grime, and experimental grime back to dembow. With many boundary crossings in sight, it seems fitting they are so close to the Mexican border, not to mention being a valuable addition to a state that has recently housed underground producers such as Prince William, Dubbel Dutch, Lotic, Rabit and more.

Their Mixpak FM cruises through kuduro, rap, dembow and club productions from NY, London, Montevideo and Lisbon.

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Mixpak FM - Zutzut

Mixpak FM 084 comes from Mexican producer, Zutzut. A central part of the NAAFI family, as well as head of his own label, Extasis, Zutzut's music encompasses a contemporary Mexican club experience in the age of the internet. From his rough-but-nostalgic club track 'Jala' to his Nguzunguzu x Killatonez refix, his tracks often abstract pop music into a weirder sphere, or unite different sonic worlds - from kuduro to dembow. His musical manifesto seems as progressive as his politics; tagging his first EP (El Pack 1) with "3RDWORLD" and declaring Extasis a label with 'No borders. No Gender'.

His Mixpak FM runs through NAAFI family offerings, as well as producers from around the world who are interacting and creating along similar lines: from Endgame to Venus X, Lotic to Sami Baha.

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Mixpak FM - Equiknoxx

Mixpak FM 083 comes from Jamaican producers, Equiknoxx. Following in the steps of Ward 21, the duo have been responsible for some of the most innovative riddims of the last few years, from 2008's Sky Daggering, through Jim Screechie and White Label. Instantly recognizable by the bird sample, their riddims often ignore bpm convention, are ultimately playable as instrumentals, and always feature an interesting line-up of artists. Their productions and label have been home to emerging JA artists who are equally breaking the mould - from Masicka to Kabaka Pyramid.

Their Mixpak FM (mixed by Puppy Disco) is a ride through their interesting musical minds - where pop crosses into dancehall and we hear Bobby McFerrin and Enya, to original productions and tracks from their family of artists.

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Mixpak FM - Endgame Mixpak FM 082 is brought to you by London based producer & DJ, Endgame. Put on our radar by his connections with Palmistry, his sound is one close to our heart - weird club music, grime, dancehall, dembow and tarraxo all make it into his live sets at Endless or his NTS show Precious Metals. His debut, self-titled release is out now on vinyl on Portugal's Golden Mist Records (and digitally this coming Monday), and features frequent collaborators Blaze Kidd and Uli-K as well as a remix from previous Mixpak FM-er Dinamarca.

His Mixpak FM is an exploration of dark, melodic and heavily rhythmic sounds running in a triangle from London to Latin America to Lisbon. It runs through many of his own productions as well as Portuguese club music, offerings from his London peers and a healthy smattering of NAAFI.

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Mixpak FM - Kilbourne

Mixpak FM 081 comes from New Orleans based producer & DJ, Kilbourne. Born in Philly and raised in New Jersey, Kilbourne has that East Coast club sound on lock. Exploring the interactions between the club underground and pop music, Kilbourne has recently delivered Jersey remixes of Fetty Wap, Makonnen and The Weeknd, as well as collaboration tracks with Rizzla, Shwarz and DJ 809. Often industrial, and sometimes dark her productions are always club-friendly. Watch out for her US tour and upcoming work with NY vocalist, FXWRK.

Her Mixpak FM is not for the faint-hearted - an energetic run through some hard club sounds, including remixes of Caribbean artists Kerwin Du Bois, Zoelah, as well as rave re-visionings of pop & rap hits, and nods to NY club affiliates False Witness, Joey Labeija & Cueheat.

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mixpak fm 080 - dinamarca

Mixpak FM 080 comes from Stockholm-based producer & DJ, Dinamarca. Mixing his Chilean heritage with his European club influences, Dinamarca's music is experimental pop music with a Latin American flavour. His first solo EP for his recently launched label, Staycore, is a microcosm of his sound - from the memorable melodies & pounding club rhythms of 'Zorna' and 'Descontrol' to the vocal collabs with Gnucci and Kassandra, as well as a feature from NY producer DJ New Jersey Drone.

His Mixpak FM showcases many of his own productions and remixes, as well as a collaboration with L-Vis 1990, not to mention music from all over the american continents - from Puerto Rico to Brazil.

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Mixpak FM - Rushmore

Mixpak FM 079 comes from UK producer & DJ, Rushmore. As a co-founder of (and resident at) one of London's most exciting club nights, House of Trax, Rushmore has carved out a much-needed niche: booking international underground club legends and new artists, without compromising on arguably the most important thing - dancing. After playing host to DJ Sliink, Paul Johnson, Slimzee, Tyree Cooper, Spooky and more, House of Trax made an organic move into recorded music & clothing with Trax Couture, now four white labels in.

His Mixpak FM mix is a mirror of the label's endeavours - tracing the dots between new UK sounds, raw energy from the US underground of Baltimore, NYC and further afield to the dembow-inflected offerings of Mexico's NAAFI, not to mention his own productions and remixes.

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Mixpak FM - Prettybwoy Mixpak FM 077 comes from Japanese producer and DJ, Prettybwoy. Since the inception of Mixpak, we've always had some connection with the Japanese scene (our whole blog was translated into Japanese at one point) and have covered some points in Japanese grime, and of course not forgetting our release with Hard Nips.

While the sound of grime has notoriously not been particularly well exported or translatable, Japan looks to be the biggest (but still very small) scene outside of the UK, with a number of MCs and DJs inspired by the genre. Having followed UK club music for a long time, Prettybwoy has been steady representing the sound of UKG, 2-step, bassline and grime in Tokyo for the last 10 years, running the nights 'Golly Gosh' and 444-1 Tokyo. Things have come full circle for Prettybwoy lately, with his productions being featured on EZ's Kiss FM show and on the Big Dada "Grime 2.0" compilation.

His Mixpak FM runs through sounds from like-minded Japanese artists - DoubleClapperz, Carpainter, Duff, 1Ta, Ena, 100Mado - as well as tracks from UK contemporaries.

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Mixpak Fm - brackles

Mixpak FM 076 comes from British DJ, producer and Rinse FM host Brackles. Having been on the station for an impressive five years, Brackles has become a Rinse staple both on the airwaves and on the label, with his debut album (Rinse presents Brackles) released back in 2012. It's no surprise his show has worked its way to a prime slot and lasted the test of time - his selection is eclectic but considered, drawing from the strands of British club music: UK funky, house, grime and garage all featuring prominently as well as the occasional rap, RnB or afropop sounds. His production & selection work to the same ethos - with influences from 2-step and house, the welcome feature of a sweet female vocal and of course, not forgetting that emotive Serani remix.

His latest EP is the inaugural release for Manchester's Swing Ting, featuring MC Fox, who we were lucky to share the stage with at RBMA Carnival this year.

His Mixpak FM stays true to the current UK house sound, with some familiar names from the world of bassline & UK funky.

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Mixpak FM - ynfynyt

Mixpak FM 073 comes from Dallas producer & DJ, Ynfynyt Scroll. Along with the collective, Track Meet, that runs as a label & club night, YS has been throwing parties around Texas and the US, exposing the deep south club scene to new sounds. Like many of Mixpak FM's previous contributors, Ynfynyt scroll draws heavily from the worldwide club scene, melding the sounds of Baltimore club, dembow, cumbia, grime and kuduro. He has previously released EPs with #Feelings, a label run by fellow Texan Ben Aqua, as well as contributions to the Track Meet compilation and his latest solo effort, a 7 track offering for Summer 2014.


His Mixpak FM is a global dance sampler that leaves you pining for a sweaty Bushwick basement to let go in: expect tracks from his latest EP, as well as gifts from Portugal, Mexico, the Netherlands and a Katy Perry baile funk edit.

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mixpak fm - gage

Mixpak FM 072 comes from UK producer & DJ, Gage. It's been less than a year since he let his first track, and a war dub at that, into the world. With only one official follow up, the rough and driving grime-inspired 12" 'Telo / Shiftin' on Bristol's Crazy Legs label, his output so far has been small but standout, restrained but revered in his scene. A London native but now living in Bristol, it's no surprise that his sound is at home in the recent club heritage of both cities: dark, heavily percussive and stripped back.

For those eager to hear his newest, his Mixpak FM is full of his own, brand new material, the first offerings since 'Telo', as well as an unheard collab track with Feadz, a new track from Bloom and an exlcusive from Crazy Legs' latest signing, ISLAND.

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Mixpak FM - Slick Shoota Mixpak FM 070 comes from Norwegian DJ and producer, Slick Shoota. A serious internet digger and lover of club music, he's known for his dancefloor driven productions that often swing in at 160bpm and nod strongly to the Chicago underground. A resident DJ at Oslo's 'Ball Em Up' night, Slick Shoota knows what works in the club regardless of genre, and his EPs, DJ tools and remixes always reflect that. His latest EP, Keep Bussin, is full of driving beats, heavy syncopation and remixes from Addison Groove & Om Unit.

His Mixpak FM is a super energetic rave ride through Juke, Kuduro, bits of Jungle, flecks of grime and even a track from fellow Scandinavian, Yung Lean.

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Mixpak FM: Sugur Shane Mixpak FM 069 comes from Philly producer, DJ & performer, Sugur Shane. Affiliated with NY's Qweenbeat, Shane moves easily from the ballroom to the studio, always keeping the club in focus. After releasing his successful 'My Night with Peter & Junior' mixtape, (inspired by notorious NY club DJs Peter Rauhofer and Junior Vasquez), his latest productions come in the form of a collab with Mixpak fam Krueger.

His Mixpak FM is of course an upfront club tape, where dancefloor-driven remixes of rap sit side by side with the NY underground sound. Cunty!

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Mixpak FM: DJ Tricks

 Mixpak FM 068 comes from Jersey DJ & producer, DJ Tricks. Along with Mike Gip, DJ Rell & DJ Kiff, Tricks makes up part of the 220 crew, who are constantly flipping and reworking rap, pop and RnB tracks Jersey style. With signature chopped samples, tough kicks and a healthy amount of bed squeak, Tricks' tracks are made with the club in mind, while always tripping up expectations and playing with convention.

His Mixpak FM feels like a night in a Brick city club, running first through some of the biggest rap songs of the moment, before ramping up into his own remixes, as well as 220 offerings.

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Mixpak FM: Neana

Mixpak FM 067 comes from UK producer and DJ, Neana. Introducing himself with his Rebound X & Dizzee re-edits around a year ago, Neana has little in the way of official releases yet, but has already established a solid & accomplished sound. Playing with the association between the UK-US club spectrum, Neana manages to harness the rawness of London while channeling the energy and boldness of the East Coast US, from Baltimore Club to Ballroom. With his own label, Gang Fatale, and a growing affiliation with Night Slugs, Neana's heavily percussive sound looks set to go official this year.

His Mixpak FM is a ride through that club energy, keeping things upfront while referential and always connecting the dots between underground raves.

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Mixpak FM 039 is brought to you by Big Dope P, Parisian producer, DJ and head of the Moveltraxx camp. Known for joining the dots between Juke, Ghetto House, Jersey Club, Hip Hop, not to mention his latest collaboration with Kuduro star Puto Prata, (which you can grab for free right here), P can Break it Down, Pop it or bring the Southside anthems.

His Mixpak FM is an amped-up quick fire blend of straight energy, giving up some of the best that Moveltraxx has to offer, bringing Paul Johnson, Blackstreet, Estelle & Driicky Graham in a new light, and going in hard like Branko.

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Mixpak FM 038 is brought to you by Texas producer & DJ, Sonora. He's been releasing his latin-tinged productions since 2010, on Peligrosa, Dutty Artz, Mad Decent & Man Recordings, not to mention his remix collaborations with Colombian producer Isa GT and baile funk artist Zuzuka Poderosa from last year. His wild & varied productions range from cumbia to reggaeton to dancehall to moombahton. Expect more from where that came from, as Sonora gears up to release an album on Little Owl Records, alongside an EP for Peligrosa and remixes for ZZK, all due very soon.

His Mixpak FM showcases the diversity in his sound, from his own productions through to ASAP Rocky remixed the Peligrosa way, a latino Dr Dre fix-up and some straight party movers. Mas fuego.

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Mixpak FM 036 comes from the youngest member of the Mixpak family, Andy Petr. The Milwaukee bred, NY based producer releases his sophomore EP, Obsession, next week. Despite his age, his productions and inspirations draw from a huge arsenal of music and deny genre classification - his prolific output of tracks and EPs bounces between house, juke, funk, R&B, boogie and hip hop without blinking.

Petr's Mixpak FM is a reflection of his eclectic taste; moving smoothly from disco to theme tune to techno to Michael Jackson.

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Mixpak 023 is brought to you by London production duo, Greenmoney. Otherwise known as Leo Greenslade, head honcho of one of London's best club nights, YoYo, and Alex Phountzi, formerly of Bugz In The Attic, the pair first touched down as an outfit with their remix of Kanye West's 'Love Lockdown'. They dropped their first, critically acclaimed 'Gold Rush' EP in 2010, before setting up their own label, Greenmoney Recordings, earlier this year, with signees including Mista Men and Hardhouse Banton (out this week!).

Their huge UK funky and house remixes of Gyptian, Busy Signal and Mz Bratt are not to be missed, and neither is their Mixpak FM offering, which showcases not only their DJ skills, but more importantly a great selection of unreleased Greenmoney Recordings material, from Major Notes to their very own Greenmoney Dubs Vol. 2.

You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

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Mixpak FM 008 is brought to you by our new kid on the block Koyote! Actually, the man is a serious veteran, check out his history here.

This odyssey mix (it's 90 minutes!) runs through some new and exclusive music off his forthcoming EP, Detroit house, electronica from Aphex Twin to Zomby and some of the best new mutations out there.Alls we're saying is this one's deep!

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Mixpak 007 is brought to you by grime and bassline producer extraordinaire, Dexplicit. In his prolific last few years he has produced grime anthem 'POW', huge instrumentals like 'Judas', 'Bulla Cake' & of course 'Forward' (which not only smashed grime apart with 'POW', and apparently got voiced by Jay Z but was also banned from some clubs for being too hype (fact)). He also produced a hot remix of our track with Natalie Storm & Sticky. Here is 50 minutes of grime & bassline nastiness, including some of his newest productions and big dubplates. POW!

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Mixpak 006 is brought to you by Swiss producer WILDLIFE! After bursting his way onto the scene with Terry Lynn's Kingstonlogic 2.0, the dancehall-loving WILDLIFE! went on to make some huge tracks & remixes, and his latest madness, the Buckup EP.

This mix includes WILDLIFE! exclusive productions & remixes, brand new material from Toddska, some big forthcoming tunes from Champion, Melé and Schlachthofbronx, along with his latest favourite club bangers. It knocks!

You can go subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly.

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Mixpak FM is back with German duo So Shifty! The production/remix team from Hamburg blasted their way onto the scene in 09, with their huge remix of The Very Best’s ‘Warm Heart of Africa’. Before long, they were sought after remixers and their own productions, like the dancehall-tinged club banger ‘Wine’ (featuring vocals from Ward 21’s Kunley), set dancefloors alight. They have created some top crossover tunes, and their productions skip comfortably across house, cumbia, dancehall and tropical. They’ve also collaborated with some of the past year’s biggest breakthroughs (like Natalie Storm and Douster) and have undoubtedly produced the very best Busy Signal remixes.

Before you ask, we don’t know what the German bits are saying but it’s probably something nice like ‘We’re So Shifty, welcome to our amazing mix’.

Mixpak FM 005: So Shifty Tracklist

1 Raziek & Cerebral Vortex – No Draws (Lazy Flow Montagem 2010 Remix)
2 So Shifty – Doin’ It
3 Hardwell – King Of The Beatz
4 Daniel Haaksman feat. Segundo Sonhos – Hands Up (Emynd Remix)
5 Oliver Twizt – Doodlez
6 Douster & Beatdekids – Poxiran
7 Bassanovva – Chicken Lover (Samo Sound Boy Remix)
8 Ciara feat. Ludacris – Ride (So Shifty Remix)
9 Brenmar – Taking It down
10 Funkystepz – Malibu
11 Warrior One – Lord of Bashy (Doc Daneeka 2 Step Militia Remix)
12 Dubbel Dutch – It’s Over
13 DVA – Step 2 Funk
14 LV & Okmalumkoolkat – Boomslang
15 KG РI’m Feeling Funky
16 Topper Harley – Trixi
17 DJ Killer & Nyekx feat. Lady B – Dansa
18 Dolamite & Lady Chann – Nubian King (So Shifty Mix)
19 Danny Scrilla – Dengue
20 Waka Flocka Flame feat. Roscoe Dash – No Hands (Acapella)
21 TNT – Hot Gyal
22 Untold – Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)
23 Imperial Tiger Orchestra – Djemeregne (Canblaster Tribal)
24 DJ Dice – Cumbia De La 45th
25 Fania All Stars – Lamento de un Guajiro (Uproot Andy Remix)
26 DJ Apt One – Bells and Whistles
27 Jahdan Blakkamoore – Quick Money
28 Lil Scrappy – Look At Me
29 Bert On Beats – Bone Dat
30 Munchi – Minigame 2010
31 Gucci Mane – Making Love To The Money (Instrumental)
32 Girl Unit – Showstoppa
33 Onyenze – SD5 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
34 Panteros 666 – Barraracuda
35 Terror Danjah – Trojan
36 Martelo Vs Canblaster – Cannibal
37 Girl Unit – IRL (Bok Bok Remix)
38 Wiley – It’s Wiley
39 Ward 21 – Bump And Grind
40 Natalie Storm – Boyz 4 Breakfast
41 Lady Chann – Rally Back Now
42 Shy FX featuring Donae’o – Raver (Shy’s Guinness Punch Mix)


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Mixpak FM is back with Chicago’s legendary DJ Nehpets who describes this as a “history mix” and without a doubt it’s an amazing journey back through classic disco, house, funk and more. While you might know Nehpets from his Juke tracks , you might not know that his first vinyl release dropped on Dance Mania when he was just 15 years old. Insider's tip: on that release he was billed as “the backwards named Dee Jay Nehpets,” now try reading Nehpets backwards...okay, so we're all up to speed? Back to the mix, there’s no tracklist at the moment, but anyone who wants to go for it in the comments will be praised and thanked.  Take a 58 minute trip back...


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Fresh on the heals of Nadastrom's summer mix for Mixpak FM, London's own The Heatwave have picked up the dancehall strains and gone hard with a mix of just about every big bashment track out. This is an hour and fifteen minute mix of guaranteed pure fire! Mixpak FM has your summer on lock, catch the vibe.

Mixpak FM 003: The Heatwave Tracklist


1. Chaka Demus & Pliers - Intro

2. Gyptian - Hold Yuh

3. Vybz Kartel, Popcaan & Gaza Slim - Clarks

4. Gappy Ranks - Stinking Rich (DJ Shredah Refix)

5. Mr Lexx - Dem A Pree

6. Dolamite - African Oil

7. Busy Signal - Jafrican Ting

8. Busy Signal - Bare Gal

9. Leftside - Dem Gyal Deh

10. Vybz Kartel - Turn & Wine

11. Terro 3000 - Likkle & Neat

12. Beenie Man - Good Inna

13. RDX - Deliver Me

14. Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter

15. The Heatwave & Serocee - War Dance

16. Serocee - Badeng

17. Lady Chann & Ward 21 - Ease Up

18. Lady Chann & Sticky - Sticky Situation (Part Two)

19. Marvin Brown & Sticky - Mek Some Noise (Special)

20. Mad Dog - Tek De Floor (Special)

21. Zinc - Blunt Edge

22. Ms Dynamite & Zinc - Wile Out

23. Roska - Squark

24. Spragga Benz - Yuh Body Good (Acapella)

25. Mr Vegas - Heads High (Acapella)

26. Gyptian - Nah Let Go

27. Mavado & Stacious - Come Into My Room

28. Rihanna - Rude Boy

29. Rihanna & Assassin - Rude Boy (Remix)

30. Vybz Kartel & Spice - Ramping Shop (Seani B Refix)

31. Capleton - Slew Dem (Al Fingers Refix)

32. Mavado - Nine Lives

33. KMC & Vybz Kartel - Going Mad

34. Skinny Fabulous - Charge Up

35. Demus - Spranging

36. Recka - Hyperactive

37. Problem Child - Fear None

38. Beenie Man - Wuk Up Yuhself

39. JW & Blaze - Palance

40. Busy Signal - One More Night

41. Gappy Ranks - Heaven In Her Eyes

42. Busy Signal - Da Style Deh (Special)

43. Busy Signal - How Yuh Bad So

44. So Shifty, Ward 21 & Natalie Storm - Clap

45. Mr Lexx & Congorock - Babylon

46. Vybz Kartel - Mr Officer

47. Mavado - Hope & Pray

48. Vybz Kartel - Bicycle

49. Vybz Kartel - Slow Motion


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Mixpak FM 002 - Nadastrom

Nadastorm turned in a huge remix for Melé's Bombay EP, so we thought we'd tap 'em for our second Mixpak FM podcast. Needless to say, they went deep and delivered an hour of the freshest Moombahton and dancehall, giving us a big mix for the summer. Catch the vibe. 


Mixpak FM 002: Nadastrom Tracklist 

DJ Negro - "Andres Landero vs The Roockie"

Munchi - "Vamo A Darle Slow" (Toma Essa Porra VIP) Congorock ft.

Mr Lexx - "Babylon" (Nadastrom's Ugly Edit)

Classixx Ft Jeppe - "I'll Get You" (Steve1der Rudebwoy Remix)

Dre Skull ft. Vybz Kartel - "Yuh Love" (Nadastrom's Bookshelf Blend)

T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - "I Can't Believe It" (Emynd Bookshelf Blend)

Delorean - "Stay Close" (Dave Nada Moombahton Remix)

Vybz Kartel FT Popcaan - "Clarks" (Kenny Meez & Gregg Nyce Mash Up)

B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars - "Nothing On You" (Kenny Meez & Gregg Nyce Mash Up)

Old Money - "Buena Mah Muva" (Starks & Nacey Remix)

Sabo - "Club Cultura" Doc Adam - "Tried By Sex Sax" (Moombahton Edit)

Graffiti 6 - "Annie You Reset! Me" (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)

DJ Apt One vs Josh Wink - "Higher State of Moombahton"

Sabo - "Jesus Moombahton"

Dave Nada - "Oye Mami"

Dave Nada- "Drop Buddy Gyal"

Sonido Rampage - "Boy"

Sonido Rampage Y Nader - "If You Leave"

Munchi - "La Tipa" Munchi - "I Love C.D.L.C."

Skinny Friedman - "Block Rockin"

LA Riots - "Bombah" (Dave Nada Boombahton Remix)

Rampage & Nader - "Gave You Love" (Starks & Nacey V6 Remix)

Sam Tiba - "Barbie Weed"

Mele - "Bombay" (Nadastrom Remix)

King Tubby - "Rude Boy Dub"

Mad Professor - "Kunta Kinte Dub"

Rhythm & Sound ft. Love Joy - "Best Friend"

Jahdan Blakkamoore - "The General"

Bird Peterson - "Zutopong" (Nadastrom Dub)

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Mixpak FM 001 - Mele


We've been meaning to launch our podcast for a while and the timing couldn't be better. Fresh off his debut Mixpak release, Mele jumps on the decks and delivers the first mix for our Mixpak FM podcast series. Mele the DJ is a lot like Mele the producer — a scavenger of sounds and man of of many styles. Catch the vibe.

Mixpak FM 001: Mele Tracklist

Dre Skull – Drop Down Low (Brodinski Remix)
Camere – Percolater
Justin Martin – Get Low
Mat Cant & Scattermish – Hornbo (Sticky K Remix)
CJ Bolland – Suger Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Double 99 – RIP Groove
Sunship – Try Me Out
D1 – Pitcher
Swindle – Airmiles
Lady Chann & Maxsta – Dun Dem Season (Produced By Seiji)
Skream – Clap Your Hands
R1 Ryders – Hydraulic
Redlight ft Jammer & Jenna G – Pick Up The Phone
Skream – Minimalistix
SFR – Kwaito Mandla
Awesome 3 – Dont Go
Orbital – Chime
Addison Groove – Footcrab
Redlight – Stupid
Solid Groove – This Is Sick
French Fries – Senta
Blake – What I Like (Knuckles Insomniac Remix)
Mele – Mugged
Boy – Fugly (Tlgb Remix)
Mr Oizo – Flat Beat
Cheif Bomia – Shake Dem Dreads
Geeneus & Katy B – Good Life
Pete Heller – Big Love
Paul Johnson – Get Get Down
Herve – Hot! Drum Attack
French Fries – Freak

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