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Mixpak is a Brooklyn based record label founded by Dre Skull. Mixpak FM delivers forward thinking mixes from DJs around the world. Catch the vibe.

Mixpak 014 is brought to you by Grahmzilla aka Nautiluss, the Toronto-based producer responsible for founding and producing for Thunderheist, and is now one half of Bassanovva, alongside Jess Jubilee, who released their first record on Sinden's Grizzly label last year. Grahmzilla is also responsible for some big remixes, like his working of Bonjay's 'Gimmee Gimmee' and the bass-heavy remix of the dancehall hit, 'Click Mi Finger'. Safe to say you can tell from his various projects that he has a diverse taste of bass-driven music, and his Mixpak FM podcast gives us a You can subscribe to Mixpak FM via iTunes, subscribe with an RSS reader from the Mixpak FM site or download this mix directly. 

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