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Mixpak is a Brooklyn based record label founded by Dre Skull. Mixpak FM delivers forward thinking mixes from DJs around the world. Catch the vibe.

Mixpak 013 is brought to you by one of Trini's finest, and member of the Mad Decent camp, Jillionaire. Responsible for smashing down Major Lazer's Notting Hill Carnival Party (talk about stealing the limelight), running Tropical Bass party Chicken N Beer, and more recently putting out tunes with Richie Beretta and Fellow, Jillionaire knows how to keep the vibes pumping. He will also be launching a new label, Feel Up, anytime soon - we expect nothing but big sounds. This exclusive mix steers away from his latest offerings though, taking us back to some dancehall foundations, as Jillionaire said himself, it's made up of 'the guns and girls chunes that defined the late 80s and early 90s'. Bullet bullet!

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Mixpak 012 is brought to you by one of Paris' infamous Booty Call Crew, Kaptain Cadillac (who you might also know as Leatherface). Aside from making a crazy remix of our Lil Scrappy release, KC also runs some of Paris' most jukin' parties, and has some ghetto-house bangers out on the Booty Call record label: 'Show Me Luv''Big Butt', and a ton of poppin' remixes. His mix is some high energy business, bumping through ghetto tech, juke, miami bass and hard house.

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Mixpak FM 012: Kaptain Cadillac Tracklist

01 - LIL SCRAPPY - Look at Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix) [Mixpak Records]
02 - DJUB - Bounce To Get [Booty Call Records]
03 - DJ KESMO - Shake Parade [Booty Call Records]
04 - LUKE - Bounce To De Beat [Luke Records]
05 - UP1236 - Dubic [Unreleased]
06 - DJ GODFATHER - Drop That Thang [Databass Records]
07 - GANTMAN - Juke Bitch [Unreleased]
08 - BOOBA - 45 Scientific (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Unreleased]
09 - DULCINEA DETWAH - If You Know What's Good [Shabar Music]
10 - DJ GODFATHER - The Alpha [Space Funk Records]
11 - DJ KRONIC & DJ ZYMOTIC ft MISS CLEO - You Better [Spanking Records]
12 - STREETS OF RAGE - Bitch Cruiser [Booty Call Records]
13 - 2 LIVE CREW - Me So Horny (KLOSELINE Edit) [Unreleased]
14 - RAGGO FLAME - I Got Love [Unreleased]
15 - MISTER RIES ft LATOMSKI - Big Dick 2011 [Juke Trax Records]
16 - JOSEPH 9000 - 88° (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [FTW Records]
17 - DJ ASSAULT - Like A Pro [Jefferson Ave]
18 - KAPTAIN CADILLAC - Show Me Luv (DAVE LUXE Remix) [Booty Call Records]
19 - DON RIMINI - Whatever (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Mental Groove]
20 - VEX - Break It [Unreleased]
21 - MARVY DA PIMP - Money Maker [Unreleased]
22 - CANBLASTER - Dawgs In Da House [Sounds Of Sumo]
23 - THUNDERBIRD JUICEBOX - Throw Em Out [Unreleased]
24 - ETCHASKETCH BASSLINE - Super Sharp [Unreleased]
25 - QUAD CITY DJs - Stomp N Grind [Quadrasound]
26 - UMBERTO - Crazy Bob [Unreleased]
27 - URCHINS - And Then (HIS MAJESTY ANDRE Remix) [San City High]
28 - KATERINE - Excuse Moi (RAOUL JUKE Remix) [Unreleased]
29 - KAPTAIN CADILLAC - Clearest Light [Booty Call Records]
30 - MARK WITH A K - Break Yo Back [GS2]
31 - PRINCE - I Would Die For You (KAPTAIN CADILLAC Remix) [Unreleased]

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